Wholeness 2022-Come Back to You

I am now and forever adhering to this. (A former coworker led me to this quote) Authenticity and not stealing from myself (asteya) are priorities in 2022 and beyond. As I said in my new year’s post, there’s nothing to change. There’s nothing to “improve”. You’re not a participant in the comparison game of life. You are already more than enough and you are magically divine. By pursuing the “ideal happiness” or the “new you”, you get further away from the YOU you already are. You are already a lovable package the way you are. You need only to stop pursuing and look around at what you already have and what you already are.


You’re YOU, the alchemy of everything! (light, dark, love, shitty, tired, sad, angry, joyful) So, as Mark Nepo says below, no more resolutions and to do lists… The more we pursue the “ideal happy” and cry for love…the further we get away from the fact that it’s all already here. It’s not something you need to dream about. Just turn up for yourself in your wholeness.

…In the way that erosion makes every face in nature more elemental, everything we go through only makes us more real. Once we give up our masks and excuses, we are humbled to accept the tenderness of having nothing between us and this thing we call life. It is this fragile, resilient state that lets us breathe more deeply, that lets us hear what love has to say, that lets us experience Oneness over the idea of Oneness. The more real we become, the more we experience love over the dream of love…” Mark Nepo

Shakti Shanti dear ones…