Please join me on Friday, December 3rd at 4pm AZ time (6pm EST)

There is no charge for this workshop
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I will be hosting a free Zoom workshop about setting intentions for the holidays on Friday, Dec. 3rd at 4pm Arizona time (6pm EST). All are welcome!  Read more below👇


Setting Intentions for the Holidays
Using Feng Shui to Support You and Your Space

This is FREE because for years I went through panic attacks about the holidays. Ultimately, I learned that all my actions needed to come through love.  Once you love yourself, you can uphold the actions that make you strong and it becomes less about people pleasing.  Or maybe you LOVE parts of the holidays but want some reassurance about other parts.  That’s ok, too.  Authentic experience is about alchemizing the opposing forces of Yin and Yang, dark and light.  Join me to tell your story.

How are you going to handle the holidays? Is it exciting for you or are you someone who dreads the interaction with friends and family? Are you invigorated by the lights and chaos and “celebration” or is it anxiety provoking? How does Feng Shui fit into this?

*Intro to the Feng Shui bagua map
*Realizing your own experience is authentic
*Boundary setting in in a loving way
*Supporting yourself with supportive, clear language
*What role does gratitude play in our experiences

Not everyone enjoys the holidays. Ultimately, we create or experience behaviors where we make ourselves wrong.  Feelings come up around family, friends, and celebrating:  a multitude of feelings can include forced happiness, awkward interaction, overeating or undereating, anxiety, fear of not being enough, not being in a love relationship with someone else, fear that your space doesn’t please others. Do any of these resonate with you? We sometimes behave with micro-aggressions towards ourselves that result in low self-esteem, shame and self-abuse.

Let’s talk!  This Zoom will focus on giving you space to share your authentic feeling surrounding the holidays and it will be a safe space for sharing.  We can talk about boundary setting and how the Feng Shui bagua map can be useful.

Feng Shui is not completely all about pretty rooms and perfect décor. Feng Shui is about finding the best way to support yourself in your environment.  Shifting energy with Feng Shui can assist in creating solid, supportive space for you to thrive in. What does thriving mean?  Thriving means you create boundaries for yourself.  Thriving means you don’t have to act happy all the time.  Thriving means you can safely acknowledge your feelings about the holidays.  We can activate and pay attention to the areas of your home which allow you to operate as your authentic self.  You can take off the mask during the holidays.  Let’s talk about the Feng Shui bagua map guas and how to enhance them