Transition and Life Event Ceremonies

Ceremonies for Life’s Transitions and Events
Transition Support

“The grief in the human heart needs to be attended to by rituals and practices that when practiced, will lessen anger and allow creativity to flow anew.”
-Matthew Fox

All of the events that happen throughout of lives are stepping stones to uncovering who we truly are.  Sometimes we are numb to the events that happen because we are otherwise engaged or busy running our lives.  Life ceremonies allow us to stop and intimately connect to what is going on before us.  Recognizing these events can come in the form of different types of ceremonies: Birth of new life or new career, birth of a new journey after divorce, a career transition, a celebration of death/life, a renewal, and a “removal” of some kind.

Ceremonies allow us to get intimate with grief and deeply into sorrow so we can attune the feelings that come up.  As well, we may use a ceremony or rituals to resonate with a high vibration by creating sound and movement.  Attending to our emotions during intense life events is the best way to encompass our humanness.

We will collaboratively plan your ceremony and set intentions for your energy.  Ceremonies may include readings, drumming, crystals and other sound.  All ceremonies will include quiet reflection time and everyone’s individual process will be honored.


The nature of Life Ceremonies is very unique and each individual ceremony will be carefully created for you. These may include personally selected readings, crystals and crystal grids, breathwork and affirmative prayer.  Life transitions should be celebrated.  They allow us the opportunity to continue our inner work as we pass through daily living.  They help us expand and understand our layers and our dynamic humanness.
Please call or email to inquire so that details may be discussed.

Ceremonies are available for individuals, groups and business staff.