Space Clearings & House Blessings

Space Clearings

A Space-Clearing ceremony transforms negative “predecessor energy” in your space that may be a result of the misfortunes, illness, or death of previous occupants of the space. We will work with the energy to refresh and renew your space so it supports and nourishes your goals and desires.

A space clearing is needed if

  • You are selling or staging your home and want to invite the perfect buyer into your space
  • the energy feels stagnant and dark
  • You find yourself unable to move forward and feel like your are lost in chaos
  • A significant emotional event has happened
  • You want to bring new, joyful energy into your space!

House Blessings

The purpose of a house blessing is to set the intention for your home by consciously welcoming positive, supportive energy into your space in order to make the experience of living there as optimal as possible. The clearer you can be with your thoughts and your intentions, the better you and your space will feel.  We will engage the assistance of our unseen helpers who are all around us  to set intentions and encourage prosperous energy.