Meditation Instruction

While not required for a Feng Shui consultation, I highly recommend a meditation practice.  Our space reflects our inner most energy, sometimes known as “little Tao.”  Therefore, changing our space must first be led by change in ourselves.

I have been a meditation facilitator for 11 years.  Breathing is closely linked to the metal element and lung health.  With that in mind, we can discuss how you might develop a structured, consistent practice that works best for your intentions.

I don’t require you to sit in lotus position, unless that works for you.  I also don’t believe that you need to “empty your mind”.  We experience fragments throughout the day.  Conversations start and never finish, tasks get half way completed.  Our brains would like to process and sort those experiences.  This is what causes us so much anxiety.  We will work to let your thoughts pool and integrate.  I will teach you how to develop breath techniques that you can access at any time and use to reduce your fragmented energy.

Meditation Instruction is either in-person or virtual and is based on a sliding scale according to experience level.  Please contact me to discuss your needs. Scholarships for meditation are available.


The Well-Being Wholeness Package
(Feng Shui & Individual Meditation)

You create your world from the inside out. The Wholeness Package offers an affordable series of visits geared toward helping you change outdated structures and lack thinking. It is designed for the client wishing to do deep spiritual work and create an ongoing mindfulness practice along with Feng Shui enhancements.

We will work together to create an individual mindfulness practice for you. This will include examining your language and thoughts toward yourself and your space and creating a new energy.
This will include a free paperback book chosen specifically for you to help with your practice. Each book will be individually chosen according to your energy.

The package includes:

-Intention Setting and gratitude work
-Initial Feng Shui consult and report (residence)
-Two follow up Feng Shui visits with 30 minutes of meditation
-Instruction in meditation and how to work a daily practice
-my 90 day availability for questions and Meditation practice check-ins.
-Free paperback book chosen for you by me to assist you in your goals.