Integrated Trauma Work

While not required for a consultation, I highly recommend integrated trauma work with me. Our very first relationship is with our environment. It is a base for our ongoing wellness or dis-ease. Our bodies perceive our environment even before our minds cognitively process it.  This biology and impact on the nervous system follows through to our adulthood; when our body’s signals are stuck in the past our environments can contain obstacles that stand in the way of our manifesting or fulfilling our intentions.

Feng Shui helps heal the “past-focused” biology by reconnecting the client to a deep relationship with their space.  Together we will identify trauma patterns and body responses that give us data about the obstacles in your home and in your life.  We will assess and address the underlying emotional responses and/or unconscious trauma that’s led to the accumulation of possessions and dysregulation in your space.

Trauma integrative work can be done independently from a space consult as well.  You can read more about my approach to trauma healing, based on traditional Chinese Medicine and Polyvagal theory, here.  I have experience and coursework in nervous system health, strategies for building capacity, neuro-divergent spaces, breathing practices and customized breathing plans, somatic activity and exercises.

In 2021 I became certified in trauma support work.  I felt this training was necessary due to the impact of our nervous system on our homes.  As I continue to work in houses, I see the prevalence of old patterns and worn neural pathways that cause self abandonment within a space.

Implementing Feng Shui in trauma-informed spaces allows the client an opportunity to feel a part of the larger whole and create a new understanding of their space from a more grounded foundation.  Understanding the role that balanced environment plays in well-being allows a survivor to extract knowledge that helps inform their future and health.

Feng Shui helps regulate our nervous system by teaching us to be present with the natural rhythm of our space and its environment.  Feng Shui allows a client to intuitively decide what feels supportive in their space by reconnecting with the energy in each gua.  Working together with a client to understand what happens somatically when they enter a room will help them balance yin and yang items in the space.  This allows for Feng Shui practice to be implemented and a space to be better harmonized.

Feng Shui can be used in trauma-informed spaces to modulate stimuli that cause stressors and over time contribute to chronic dis-ease.  Feng Shui implementation also celebrates personal identity and uniqueness and helps the client feel wider margins of connection.

Integrated trauma work can be done in-person or virtually and pricing is based on frequency of meetings and whether or not it is paired with a residential consult.  Independent trauma work begins at $125 hourly and is customized on an individual basis.