Holistic Interior Design with Feng Shui and Integrated Trauma Work

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Feng Shui consults are appropriate for all residential spaces, including apartments, townhouses and standard dwellings.  Business Feng Shui consults include a walk-thru of the entire business space. Wherever your space is, we can work together to help you thrive.
Special packages are listed with unique pricing.  Consults start at a fixed price and advance depending on square footage, travel and evaluation time.

Holistic Residential Interior Design
with Feng Shui

Does your house reflect where you were or where you are going? We work with your home so it supports you in your daily living and desires. Your environment is a deep reflection of who you are and the actions you take.  Your house reflects your energy.

After an energy assessment of your space using the Feng Shui bagua map, and conversation about your intentions, I will guide you through the obstacles in your space and work with you to enhance or subtract the elements that help you meet your intentions and create a holistic balance.  This can include adding a simple freshness to your space or room re-configuring.  We will discuss the options for the space using theory of Yin and Yang as well as the 5 elements.  You will receive a written report with recommendations within 7 days of your consult.

Residential Consults
Are priced based on square footage and begin at $200 per hr (2 hr minimum)  Please contact us to arrange a quote for your consult.
Receive a complimentary 30 minute intro Zoom or phone call.

Residential Crystal Grids for New Construction

Building a crystal grid is a powerful way to gather and harness energy in order to align it with your purpose for manifesting. The sacred geometry blueprint creates a pattern that magnifies the energy in connection with the specific crystals selected. Gathering the crystals together allows them to amplify their frequencies collectively so the entire grid is harmonized and focused on the intention. We provide crystal grid services for new home construction and residential structures.  Whether you require a grid placed in an outside foundation or in a new home, crystal grids can provide protection and flowing energy to the space.

Please contact us to arrange a quote for your crystal grid consult
A flat fee of $2500 for new construction is required, plus the cost of crystals
*Pricing for residential/individual crystal grids is per square footage plus the cost of crystals
*all safety measures must be adhered to.

Business Feng Shui and Home Office

We spend a good part of our lives in professional spaces not taking into account whether or not they support us energetically.  We may spend many years at a job that is not a reciprocal environment.  We will work together to create command positions and an inviting, supportive space that supports your highest professional energy.

Are you a professional who wants to manifest better energy at your desk?  Or are you a business owner who wants to improve the environment for your staff and set elements in place to allow them to further thrive and become prosperous?

Together we will evaluate the intentions for your space room by room and discuss adding Feng Shui energy enhancers to help the energy flow.

Please contact us to arrange a phone call about pricing your consult
Virtual Home office consults are a set fee of $280.  In-person pricing is customized.

Landscape Feng Shui

The space that surrounds are home is also a reciprocal energy.  Natural energy extends from your home to your landscape.  Working together we will create an embrace around your space that supports the Qi and abundance wanting to flow into your home.

Landscape consults are individual and based on the intentions and need of the client.  Please contact me to discuss your landscape needs.