Crystal Grid Energy Work-Individual

Crystal Grid Energy Work

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals and stones that enhance and assist with energy.  Crystal grid patterns are intrinsically linked to the oft unseen energy of sacred geometry.  Gris can be used for healing, continuing desired energy, transition from seen to unseen, and as a reminder of your intentions.

I offer crystal grid work for new houses/spaces, to help facilitate grief after a loss and for deep individual self-study.  grids can help us uncover that what we desire to “manifest” already exists in our being, we need only to step into its greatness.

During a crystal grid ceremony, I will work with you in your space with a variety of muslin grids available.  Together we will set intentions and use a variety of crystals, sound and scents to lead the energy.

Ceremony/Grid only

Crystal Grid Ceremonies are crafted specifically  for individual or small group intention setting.

Crystal Grid for new builds (residential or business) are also available.

Individual stones and crystals will be purchased by the client.  I can acquire the crystals needed, but must pass the cost onto you.  A FREE 30 minute phone consult is recommended prior to booking.