Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different schools of Feng Shui that offer lengthy certification programs.  To become a recognized practioner, you must complete a certification program.  In the case of my education, I completed several workshops and classes and then a 7 day intensive certification course through the Western School of Feng Shui.  This was followed by a 6-week final written project including case studies, and then a certification phone call to defend my final project.   I continue to keep my education current by attending monthly workshops and classes.

In June of 2022, I received my certification as a Trauma Support Specialist from the Arizona Trauma Institute/Trauma Institute International.  This is a specialized certification which I pursued to create a program to support trauma healing with Feng Shui practices.

This is another myth due to the fact that Feng Shui is sometimes misappropriated in Western culture.  The typical portrayal of Feng Shui is that it is all about decluttering and repainting a room.  In Feng Shui we work to create balance with the 5-elements and nourish the parts of your home that support your intentions. We look at the environment that surrounds your space, and the opposite forces of Yin and Yang.  The goal of Feng Shui is gaining clarity around what doesn’t support you in your space and how to implement better balance.  Changes manifest upon learning how to manage and address the energy s shifts over time.

In my practice, Feng Shui also can be implemented as part of healing modalities.  Your environmental balance is critical to trauma healing and personal growth.

As we begin to heal ourselves, we need to work to heal our spaces. Sometimes we shift physically and emotionally, but our spaces do not.  The places we reside or work and play share reciprocal energy.  We are not separate from our spaces.  As we become aware and connected to our space we bring gratitude to ourselves and become more interoceptive  Improving the energy in our space will address the often long time narratives that haven’t been serving us.
Perhaps you’ve had an emotional event in your life or are simply feeling disconnected and unhappy?  Feng Shui helps work to improve seen and unseen elements in your environment that effect us daily.

Believing that Feng Shui is based on religion is a common misconception.  Feng Shui gets its roots from Chinese Medicine and the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text. It is closely related to the practice of acupuncture.  We will discuss your supporting your space with scientific and historical theories and evidence.

For Feng Shui to be effective we don’t have to hang crystals and chimes or burn candles.  The concept of Feng Shui focuses on how to utilize all the energies which support you and your space.  We will approach it at your comfort level.

Safety and function always precede beauty.  An interior designer will work with a certain theme or time period for your space. Interior design often doesn’t consider your personal energy.  Feng Shui will incorporate seen and unseen helpers and desires and call upon the 5-elements to promote balance.

While our studio does not purchase furniture, we can advise on supportive placement in design, color and elemental balance.

The area that surrounds your space creates an embrace around your house or business.  This space should support you in your desires and intentions.  We will work from the Feng Shui bagua map to extend the energy of your home or business to your landscape.  We will work with plant types, color and energetic properties that support each area of the bagua map.