Welcome!  If you’re here reading it’s likely you are interested in Feng Shui and you may also be exploring healing for your trauma responses.  You can read more about my philosophy and approach to healing within your environment here.   Below are the details for my new 8-week program.  This is a one of a kind opportunity to pair trauma healing with environmental support.

Our very first relationship is with our physical environment, it is our indicator of safety and connection. We physically react to a space before we have cognitively recognized it. The connection between our environment and our healing in interwoven and our spaces need to be continually evaluated for dysregulating patterns, adverse stimuli and healthy spacial fluidity. Our space is a critical part of our well-being and overall health. Trama-Informed Feng Shui design can modulate environmental stimuli and atmosphere to calm the dispatch response from our bodies. Feng Shui acts as a gateway for somatic processing, clearing physical boundaries, and inviting the natural rhythmic elements inside our homes. It helps create an ordered spacial complexity that isn’t the path of least resistance and allows the trauma survivor multiple choices for interaction and engagement.

Feng Shui is an intentional process for creating a supportive space according to environmental rhythm and managing the shifts in energy over time. We can work with emotional shifts and patterns and understand how to be resilient with the trauma. There may be things in your space that trigger your traumatic, implicit memories daily and continue a pattern of dysregulation. If we use Feng Shui to notice them and the sensations they create in the body, we can heal your space and help mitigate trauma in the element where it was created. This requires working, not only with your space and the 5 elements, but with body-based regulation and bottom-up healing. The 5 elements represent expression of movement and relationships in the nourishing and reductive cycles. By understanding the body’s natural rhythm, we can access the space between arousal and reaction and do the hard work of recognizing the balance that exists. We create balance between two opposing states of energy. By working with Feng Shui and the 5 elements, we cultivate the here and now and titrate trauma so it can be managed in small steps rather than a heavy catharsis.

Beginning October 16th at 3pm (PST) with a zoom welcome!

Embodied Elements is a one to one program designed to help you explore the stimuli in your home that may be contributing to trauma responses.  Together we will unwrap those patterns and stimuli to explore what they mean.  Together we will work to implement good Feng Shui in your space that will provide a foundation to support you as trauma responses come up.   With this program, you receive the following:

-A full Feng Shui of your space with me either in-person or virtual (depending on location).  (this includes a detailed written report of my energy assessment).
-Continued weekly check in of the energy in your space (monthly basis once class is complete)
-A one:one Zoom monthly to examine your changes and anything that might be coming up for you
-Somatic activity recommendations based on each gua energy and how your body is responding
-A monthly group Zoom (will be recorded) mini lesson to provide a supportive community for you
-Email and text access (M-F work hours) if questions arise
-Priority registration for upcoming classes and programs
The price for the program is $869 and includes ongoing support for a year (payment plans are available)

Our own wellness and the well-being of our spaces requires supportive landmarks along the way. Building a safe environment means continually being able to see trauma response behavior patterns and deal with disruptions. When we have a balanced space, it allows us to participate in our own healing and nervous system regulation. Trauma is dynamic and often doesn’t look like we expect. Having a regulated space will help build resilience as we work with our dysregulation. This allows us to have highly connected relationship with the people in our space and gratitude for the things we possess. We gain a better ability to live with resilience and integrity.

Sometimes, we have forgotten our own self-worth and the gratitude of loving our space. Perhaps we are disconnected from our own worth because of trauma response and not recognizing unmet needs. There we are suppressing, instead of expressing. In an attempt to fill the void, we buy and we purchase, we acquire things to take the place of connecting to our emotions and experiences. We attempt to abate stress or emotional response with more stuff. This pattern keeps us environmentally stuck in place. We unintentionally move beyond excess in our space: the clutter we have in our space is usually a barrier that keeps emotions at bay. It provides a survival mechanism. Clutter becomes a mitigating pain relief instead of a long-term view with positive expectations.  Together we will address your space as a whole and how our relationship to our possessions can be strengthened.

If you are living with nervous system dysregulation and would live to build a supportive space, this is a perfect program for you.

Next steps:  Please use the form here to enter your information.  Please indicate this is for the 8 week program.  I will contact you to discuss zoom dates and give you payment information!