Doing the Inner Work Lessens the need for Outer Consumption

Exploring the bridge between healing and Feng Shui today. There was an audible gasp recently when during my presentation to the @londonschooloffengshui I brought up the notion that as you work on your inner needs and triggers that your desire for outside validation becomes less. I couldn’t get to them all, but the chat blew up with …..if I just do inner work my clutter goes away? Friends, we want our possessions to not have a stranglehold on us, but to embody a sense of experience and connection.

Let’s explain. From the time we develop cognitive awareness there is a prevalent message that happiness is a “pursuit” and we should be seeking physical things that make us happy. The message to not acknowledge our feelings and experiences is strong so we stuff them down. This results in us seeking more and more things to fill the space. What develops is a fractured void where we would normally feel our experiences.

By pausing to acknowledge everything we feel and give attention to the needs behind the feelings, we start to heal them. As we fill the fractured void with self acknowledgement and attunement, our need for outside consumption lessens. We don’t need all of the possessions to make us feel seen.

Feng Shui helps this process by asking us to be present and attuned in our space and brings us into relationship with everything we own. Now it becomes clear which items truly support our energy. This support allows our nervous system to regulate and we feel safe in our space. The deep sense of safety replaces that need for consumption.

If you want to learn more about doing the inner work contact me and think about joining my 90 minute once a month SATURSHUI q & a beginning May 13th. This is free for May and June. Link in the bio to register.