Co-Creating A Regulated Space

Co-creating a Regulated Space
Trauma-Informed Feng Shui


Lovely human, let’s get right to it.  Your nervous system drives the boat. Your nervous system (and your body) are set up to help you survive.  It fluctuates on a regular basis during the day as you move through different experiences.  But sometimes we get stuck in nervous system arousal due to trauma response, continued stimuli and constant visual chaos and the signal of a threat is continually communicated. Being stuck in hypo or hyper arousal may be driving you back to unhealthy response patterns that you’re living again and again. This is an inherent response built into every living thing with a nervous system.  There’s nothing wrong with you!! These patterns act as a signal to your body that you are safe!

However, these response patterns can show up in your home even when you are doing the hard, deep work of healing. You may actually be safe and the threat might be in the past, but your nervous system is still beautifully responding to the feeling of threat. If you’re working on developing coping tools to better respond to nervous system triggers, you want to make sure those triggers aren’t still present in your home.  If you are doing the hard work of healing and then coming home to survival patterns, you are sabotaging yourself. Trauma-informed Feng Shui practice will help modulate visual chaos that can be triggering. These stimuli might show up as;

-Vertical clutter-stimuli that is causing unnoticed pressure
-Overly Yin or Yang lighting depending on the room
-Furniture size or placement that does not feel safe to your body
-Harsh threshold transitions that feel unsafe to your body
-Repeating sounds from appliances or the environment
-Clutter or objects that show up in your peripheral vision that are triggering
-Mirrors that cause peripheral feeling of threat
-Photos or artwork that have threatening subjects

You cannot manifest your desires if your nervous system is not regulated.  This could be why you’re struggling even though you’ve done the vision board, you’ve written intentions, you’ve placed the water feature, you’ve used the crystals, you’ve put the oranges in the bowl.  What’s going on?? You MUST be regulated first before any of that hard work helps.