Like the body, the mind and soul need time to digest and assimilate. Like the body, the mind and soul need time to rest. We create this rest by allowing space that we can breathe in. Not more clutter, but more space, space to reflect, space to journal, space for closure, space for imagination, and space to feel the calling of the life force within us.

– Deborah Adele, Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice

From Cynthia Young, CEFSP, CTSS – Founder of Asteya Studios

I invite you to embrace a life of resilience and wholeness. As a trauma support professional and guide and holistic interior design specialist, I guide people to feel and understand the living energy in their homes. Through Feng Shui and integrated trauma work, we align your space to promote support, connecting your body’s rhythm with the natural world.

This work fosters a sense of safety, empowering self-regulation and thriving. My goal is to help you develop energetic intuition, recognizing supportive patterns and shifting energies in your home. Practicing Feng Shui cultivates resilience and aligns you with your deepest desires.

My Feng Shui and trauma support work stems from my own healing journey. Implementing Feng Shui is an act of self-trust, learning to navigate adversity. I’d be delighted to help you achieve balanced energy in your space.

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What is Feng Shui?

Your space impacts your physiology, well-being, and relationships. In Feng Shui, we tap into the energy, or Qi, (chi) in a space, considering visual stimuli, nature, lighting, and vital force to understand the flow. We then intentionally arrange elements to create a supportive balance. Feng Shui translates to “wind and water,” teaching us to harmonize with our surroundings for supported living.

Does your environment irritate or overwhelm you? Feng Shui helps increase the space between response and reaction, creating regulation. This is particularly effective for those with anxiety and stress. I work with residential and commercial spaces, new builds, and educational environments, offering a program for neuro-divergent individuals, including those with ADHD and trauma histories.