Like the body, the mind and soul need time to digest and assimilate. Like the body, the mind and soul need time to rest. We create this rest by allowing space that we can breathe in. Not more clutter, but more space, space to reflect, space to journal, space for closure, space for imagination, and space to feel the calling of the life force within us.

– Deborah Adele, Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice

From Cynthia Young, CEFSP – Founder of Asteya Studios

I’m inviting you to live a life of resiliency and wholeness.  As a holistic interior design specialist, I help people feel and understand the living energy in their home. Through our work together using Feng Shui and integrated trauma work, we increase the energy to become aligned with promoting balance and harmony. We start to see ourselves as part of a larger cycle that begins in our bodies and encompasses the natural rhythm of the earth and our own heartbeat.

Through this work, I help clients understand the embrace and safety of their space and help them thrive in self-regulation. My goal is to help clients go beyond the floor plan, walls and colors to develop energetic intuition in their space.   I strive to help clients  to recognize the supportive patterns and shifting energy in their home.   Practicing Feng Shui in your home leads to a comprehensive capacity to engage in a resilient life that meets your deepest desires.

My work in Feng Shui and trauma support is a direct result of my own healing journey and spiritual transformation.  Implementing Feng Shui practice is an act of trusting ourselves and learning to ebb and flow in adversity.   I would be delighted to work with you to implement Feng Shui in your interior or exterior space and achieve a balanced energy flow.

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What is Feng Shui?

Your space affects your physiology, your well-being and your relationships. Everything is alive with Qi. Qi (pronounced “chi”) refers to the energy in a space. In Feng Shui we draw on the essence of the relationship between visual stimuli, nature, lighting balance and inherent vital force to understand the energy flow.  Then, focusing inward, work to balance the environment. Feng Shui calls for intentional arrangement of things so that there is a workable, supportive tension between the 5 elements and Yin and Yang theory.

Feng Shui translates to “wind and water”. It is derived from an historical Chinese text that describes how human life can flow and be in harmony with the environment that surrounds it.  Put simply, Feng Shui is understanding the energy of a space and your relationship in it and to it.  It teaches us how to understand the supportive or non-supportive energy.  Feng Shui works with intentional placement and action that creates our highest quality of living.

Does your environment irritate, confuse or overwhelm you?  Little things repeated become big things. Responses become part of our story and living patterns.   Feng Shui gives us the ability to increase the space between response and reaction by allowing us to create a regulated space. This process is extremely effective for those suffering anxiety and stress.

I work with integrated design in residential homes, businesses, new home building and educational environments.  I have created a program to work with the neuro-divergent population including ADHD and those with history of trauma.